Rat king

It’s a real thing apparently #rat king #doodle #drawing #sketch #study #practice #illustration #bam Bofu

Author: bambofu

Traditional artist fully converted to digital. I love funny stuff, stupid puns and Christmas cracker jokes that would make your nan cringe. Some day, I would love to be a children’s book illustrator. In the meantime, I will continue to assault the internet with my dry humour, even if a lot of people tell me to go away.

2 thoughts on “Rat king”

  1. Hey there! I represent an 11-year old private detective who solves New York mysteries for a YouTube/podcast thing, and our next big adventure is searching for a New York City Rat King! We’d love to use your incredible illustration to show what a Rat King might look like… we would absolutely credit you and link to you, but we wanted to get your permission first. Please write back and tell us if it would be okay!

    You can see the kind of cases we work on at sosincerely.com/elementary! Thanks so much for your time, and once again, amazing drawing!


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