I do occasionally put my iPad down

If any of you who follow me are artists (and I use that term to describe anyone who creates) then you will know that horrible fear of failure whether it is the fear of a blank page or a stray brushstroke. This is exactly what pushed me away from traditional mediums and into (luckily for me) digital. I can honestly say I have hardly touched a pencil in almost a year now because there is no undo button and using an eraser, for some odd reason, feels so much more demoralising that pressing that oddly shaped arrow.

However, a year of digital has given me a lot: a lot more confidence, a slightly smaller fear of failure and improved technique (at least I think, well it feels more like I occasionally know what I’m doing anyway). There is a message in here and I think it’s that it doesn’t matter how or what you create. Social media may make you feel like you have to share absolutely everything, you don’t. Create, write, paint, draw, sing, do anything but do not be afraid, to boldly into the brilliant white (paper).

#watercolour #watercolor #traditional art #painting #painter #doodle #drawing #sketch #portrait #art nouveau #practice #hair #red #style #design

Author: bambofu

Traditional artist fully converted to digital. I love funny stuff, stupid puns and Christmas cracker jokes that would make your nan cringe. Some day, I would love to be a children’s book illustrator. In the meantime, I will continue to assault the internet with my dry humour, even if a lot of people tell me to go away.

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