I hugged my dogs a little harder yesterday

A fellow Instagrammer I follow lost one of his beautiful dogs yesterday, a Labrador, just like 2 of my 3 ‘children’. I can’t imagine having to say goodbye to any of them, so something like that hits you really hard. If I think about it I still sob over the dog I had put to sleep in my teens. As Roger Caras said “dogs are not our whole lives, but they make our lives whole.”

She was a real fighter, through arthritis and operations to infections and the difficulty breathing that finally overwhelmed her. She was 13 years old and I only hope that my pack stays with me that long, I would be utterly lost without them.

So, as a gesture, I painted her last night, I think I should paint my guys too.

#dogs #rip #love #happy #labrador #chocolate #remy #family #children #painting #pet #portrait #brown #art #artist #loss #art life #create #illustrate #illustrator #illustration

Author: bambofu

Traditional artist fully converted to digital. I love funny stuff, stupid puns and Christmas cracker jokes that would make your nan cringe. Some day, I would love to be a children’s book illustrator. In the meantime, I will continue to assault the internet with my dry humour, even if a lot of people tell me to go away.

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