Did you have an etch a sketch?

Some of you might be muttering to yourselves right now, “what on earth is an etch-a-sketch?” Does she make this stuff up just so we go to google and look stupid. Etch-a-sketch was/is amazing. If you don’t have the courage to pick up a pencil as a kid it lends a technical element to the process, almost taking it out of your hands while cultivating hand eye co-ordination and training your eye. This is why I got one for my t-Rex. #trex #dinosaur #etch a sketch #doodle #drawing #illustration #illustrator #green #jurassic #jurassic July #dinosaur art #character #art #artist #creative #quirky #funny #fun #lol #silly #happy #sketch daily #draw every day #bam Bofu

Author: bambofu

Traditional artist fully converted to digital. I love funny stuff, stupid puns and Christmas cracker jokes that would make your nan cringe. Some day, I would love to be a children’s book illustrator. In the meantime, I will continue to assault the internet with my dry humour, even if a lot of people tell me to go away.

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